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Breast Augmentation Before My Wedding

Your boyfriend recently popped the big question and you said YES! Excitement is the in air as your planning begins.
Every girl wants to look their best for their big day and sometimes that means losing weight, getting in better shape, or even cosmetic breast surgery. You've probably heard this quote before "Nothing comes easy that is worth doing."  While you can get your hair and makeup done the morning of your wedding, you need to plan way ahead for breast augmentation or breast lift surgery.

There are plenty of wedding planning calendars out there to guide you as to when the best time is to have your wedding, how far in advance to reserve your venue, choose a florist and caterer, and, of course, how far out to order your gown. You won't find one calendar that tells you how far in advance to schedule your breast surgery!

You will need your new boobs in place before you can shop for your wedding gown and other clothing. Think sexy lingerie and bathing suit for your honeymoon! In order to be ready for your wedding gown shopping, you will need approximately 3 months to heal after surgery. It can actually take anywhere from 3-6 months for your breasts to take on their final shape. If you are going to be ordering a wedding gown vs. buying one off the rack, be sure to find out how far in advance you need to place your order. This will help you determine when to have your breast augmentation or other type of breast enhancement surgery.

The healing process mentioned above pertains to breast surgery with implants. This could mean breast augmentation, breast lift w/ augmentation, breast reduction w/ augmentation. When implants are placed under the pectoralis muscle, the body responds to this foreign object by contracting causing the implants to sit high on the chest and flatten. Think about how distorted a squishy ball or balloon would look like if you squeezed it. It's similar to that of an implant being squeezed by the muscle. It moves upward toward the area of least resistance; the collarbone and armpit. While every patient heals at a different rate, it can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 12 weeks or longer for the implants to start dropping into place. It is also not uncommon for the breasts to heal asymmetric, meaning one side may drop sooner than the other, causing your breasts to appear lopsided for a period of time.

So when you are selecting a wedding date, try to plan for your breast surgery to take place 6-12 months before the big day. If this isn't possible, give yourself no less than 4 months. If your breasts aren't healing at a pace that is keeping up with your wedding schedule, you will add an enormous amount of stress to your life, and this is the last thing you will want.