Signs you Should Consider a Breast Reduction | Breast Reduction FAQs

Signs you Should Consider a Breast Reduction

While many women strive for larger breasts, others feel cursed with overly large breasts that can be bothersome both physically and emotionally. A breast reduction is aimed at relieving women of discomforts caused by overly large breast by reshaping and reducing them in size. The following issues could be signs that it’s time to consider a breast reduction procedure.

Pain and Discomfort

Having large breasts can weigh your body down, putting a strain on your shoulders, back, and neck. If you experience constant pain in these areas, your overly large breasts might be to blame! You might also notice deep creases from your bra straps that can be painful after a full day of wear. The weight of your breasts can even lead to difficulty breathing, especially if you have to sleep on your back at night. With a breast reduction, you can be relieved of these discomforts.

Skin Rashes

Having large breasts means having larger breast folds, allowing for trapped dirt and sweat. You might start to develop an itchy, sore rash under your breasts. Deodorants and breathable material can offer a temporary solution to these rashes, but only a breast reduction can permanently relieve you of them.

Emotional Issues

Not only can overly large breasts lead to physical complaints, they can also affect you emotionally. Having large breasts can make it difficult to find clothes that fit, exercise comfortably, and even perform daily tasks. Large breasts can be disproportionate to the rest of your body, making you feel like they are taking attention away from your other features. All of this can leave you feeling self-conscious and insecure about your image. With a breast reduction, you can start feeling confident with your body and breast size.

If overly large breasts are affecting your daily life and confidence, contact our office today to start your breast reduction process with Dr. Cruise.