Breast Sculpting Overview - Breastlift

Breast Sculpting Overview


Cost: $7,000-$14,500
Recovery: 5-7 days
Anesthesia: General

Design Your Look

Shape: Natural, dramatic
Size: Bra, cup size
Implant Type: Saline vs. Silicone

Classification System

Breast Types: 7 types determined by degree of breast sag

Surgical Options

Incision Placement: Areola, Breast Fold, etc.
Muscle Placement: Complete vs. Partial

Recovery Timelines

Breast Augmentation: At a glance
Breast Lift: Healing details
Mommy Makeover: Breast & Tummy

Before & After Images

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift
Breast Reduction, Breast Revision
Mommy Makeover

Breast Types Overview


Breast tissue - Very little to significant

Nipple position - centered on breast to below breast fold and at the bottom of the breast

Chest fold shape - flat, rounded, wide, cone

Most common demographic:  any female desiring breast improvement from age 21 and older

Examples of breast shapes and sizes before surgery

Surgery Information

Anesthesia: General

Cost: Example pricing - Breast augmentation $7,000 - $8,650, Donut lift $9,000-10,000, Breast lift $13,000-$14,500

Recovery: 5-7 days

Breast Augmentation Cost & Financing

Estimated Cost of Breast Plastic Surgery Procedures

  • Breast Augmentation / Breast Implant Exchange Cost - The price varies between $7,000 to $9,000 depending of whether saline or silicone implants are used, if other procedures are performed at the same time, etc. This includes surgical facility fee, surgeon fee, anesthesia fee, operative supplies, implants, and all the post-operative visits.
  • Breast Lift Cost - The price of breast lifting varies depending on level of descent of your breasts and whether or not implants are used. A breast lift varies between $10,000 to $15,000.
  • Breast Reduction Cost - If your breasts are large enough and cause significant discomfort, your PPO insurance may cover on rare occasion some of the procedure costs. If this is not the case, the price will vary between $10,000 to $15,000. It may be a two stage procedure if implants are added.

Cruise Plastic Surgery accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Check
  • All major credit cards
  • Cash
  • Financing: Prosper Lending, Care Credit, Alphaeon Credit

Read more about breast augmentation costs, financing, and financing benefits, click here.

Design Your Look

Dr. Cruise designed the "Look You Want" interactive diagram below to help his patients visually demonstrate what they want their breasts to look like after breast sculpting surgery.

Click the images below to select the look you want in each category and complete the submission process. You will be contacted by one of Dr. Cruise's consultants after your selections are reviewed. You can also click TLIW in PDF format to print for your own use.

The Body You Want, The Confidence You Deserve

Cruise Classification System

Dr. Cruise created this Cruise Classification system to visually represent the 7 primary breast shapes and the coinciding recommended procedure for each.


7 Types of Breastlift

Notice the progressive increase in skin laxity. This excess skin will change the type of breast surgery necessary to properly correct the problem to create a youthful perky appearance.

The Look You Have

Click the graphic below to find and select the image which most closely represents the "Look You Have" now. You will then be given an idea of which procedure you may need.

Get started now!

Surgical Timeline

The surgical timeline has three primary stages. The first stage consists of scheduling your surgery date and preparing for surgery day. The second stage is the actual surgery itself, followed by the final recovery stage.


Preparing for Surgery

Once you decide to move forward with breast surgery, the first step will be selecting the best time to have it done. Timing is everything! You want to be sure you have adequate time for recovery, and if possible, support by a loved one or friend during recovery. If you want to be fully recovered in time for a big event, trip, etc, this needs to be taken into consideration as well.


Prior to leaving for the surgery center, review your paperwork for a complete list of things to do, not do, and what to bring with you.  For more information, click here.

Mommy Makeover

Recovery Timelines

The breast augmentation and breast lift surgery timelines below outline what to expect at each stage of your recovery. Photos are provided to show examples of how the breasts progress through the healing process.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift

Mommy Makeover

Surgical options

Dr. Cruise will work with you to determine the best surgical plan to obtain your desired result. He will take into consideration the "Look You Have" and the  "Look You Want,"  along with our body shape, and chest wall measurements.

Incision Placement

The most common Breast Augmentation incisions used by Dr. Cruise:

  • Inframmamory fold: Within the fold at the bottom of the breast.
  • Peri-areolar: Exactly at the margin of the areola where the lighter skin meets the darker skin.

The most common Breast Lift incisions used by Dr. Cruise:

  • Donut - placed around the entire areola
  • Lollipop - donut w/ a line down the front of the breast from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease
  • Anchor - donut w/ lollipop and vertical line in the breast crease

Minimizing Breast Augmentation Scarring

Women do not want scars that make their breasts look “operated on,” and as an experienced, skilled Orange County cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Cruise goes to great effort to minimize scarring. With silicone implants, Dr. Cruise uses a funnel insertion device which eases the effects of the surgery and decreases the size of the incision and any potential scar. Furthermore, he puts meticulous detail into closing breast augmentation and breast lift incisions in addition to using surgical tape for approx. 3 months to reduce tension, so the scars are more likely to remain thin and flat.

Breast Incisions

Areola Incision


IMF incision

Breast Fold





Short Anchor

Short Anchor

Very long Anchor

Long Anchor


Breast Implant Placement

Implants can be placed in three different ways:

  1. Subglandular implant is placed on top of the muscle and under the breast tissue (gland) only.
  2. Partial Muscle Coverage, a.k.a. Dual Plane. Only part of the implant is covered by the muscle.
  3. Complete Muscle Coverage - the entire implant is covered by the muscle.

Dr. Cruise's preferred placement method is Complete Muscle Coverage. For more information about this technique, visit: Complete vs. Partial Muscle Coverage


3 Types of Muscle Coverage

Understanding Implant Placement

When breast augmentation was first performed, the common technique was to place breast implants above the muscle. Over time surgeons determined it would be better to place implants below the pec major muscle to avoid incidences of capsular contracture, rippling, and an "implanted look." This muscle placement technique has become the preferred method for most plastic surgeons. Most patients do not realize "under the muscle" does not actually mean the implant is fully under the muscle, rather half the implant is not covered. A more appropriate term for this technique is partial muscle coverage.

Although under the muscle (i.e. partial muscle coverage) is the most common technique used today, Dr. Cruise prefers to use a technique called "complete muscle coverage."  This requires that the implant is placed below the pectoralis minor, serratus anterior, and usually a portion of the external oblique so that the lower and outer part of the implant is also covered. The images below demonstrate the anatomic and aesthetic differences between partial muscle coverage and complete muscle coverage.

The benefits of complete muscle coverage include less rippling, less bottoming out, less migration of the implant into the arm pit. One of the major aesthetic benefits women enjoy is the lateral support which creates very attractive cleavage.

As part of the natural aging process, breast tissues weaken causing the breast implants to shift to the sides, which can cause a wide cleavage. Complete muscle coverage allows for closer cleavage with a reduced risk of future cleavage widening. Dr. Cruise refers to this as the "book end" technique. Full muscle coverage acts like "book ends" supporting the implants so they don't move into the armpits.

Partial vs. Complete Muscle Coverage


Complete muscle coverage
Complete lateral coverage of implant


Complete muscle coverage


Complete muscle coverage
Better cleavage as muscle prevent implants from sliding

Partial coverage

Partial muscle coverage
50% of implant uncovered


Partial muscle coverage


Partial muscle coverage

Cleavage, Implant Placement & Position

Look at the examples below showing how the breasts look depending on the type of muscle coverage and implant position. Notice how an attractive cleavage is created with full muscle coverage regardless of the position the implants are placed on the chest.

Cleavage and Implant Placement

Implant Partial Muscle Coverage

Implants High/Partial muscle coverage

Implants Complete Muscle Coverage

Implants High/Complete muscle coverage

Implant Partial Muscle Coverage Low Placement

Implants Low/Partial muscle coverage

Implants Complete Muscle Coverage high

Implants Low/Complete muscle coverage

Before & After Photos

Dr. Cruise has an extensive gallery of Breast Augmentation before and after photos. You will see examples of his trademark "close cleavage,"as well as various results showing upper fullness vs. lower fullness and conservative vs. dramatic. Achieving "The Look You Want" is the ultimate goal and can be achieved with top breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Cruise.


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Patient Testimonials

From the moment I walked into the office everyone there greeted me with a warm welcome. And since the surgery I love when I have my checkups because I get to see all the staff and have a blast talking with them!

Dr. Cruise is so down to earth and honest with me. He gave me exactly what I had in mind. I am so happy with my breast augmentation and so glad I choose him

Even though it has been several years since my breast augmentation it is still fun to buy new tops, dresses and lingerie because I have curves in all the right places. Thanks to Dr. Cruise's good eye and judgment...I am just the perfect size. I can still look professional in a business suit or I can look sexy in a clingy low cut dress.

I love the way my breasts feel! One of my biggest concerns was how my breasts would feel after having surgery. I had very little breast tissue to start and I thought implants would make them feel unnatural. I don't know what Dr. Cruise does but they feel so natural! And, my boyfriend loves them too!

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