Breast Sculpting Specialization - Breastlift

Breast Sculpting Specialization

Dr. Cruise has become a top breast sculpting doctor by dedicating his practice solely to the art of cosmetic surgery. He is one of the few plastic surgeons to dedicate a large portion of his practice to highly technical procedures such as breast lift and mommy makeover.

He is passionate about patient education and communication, and achieving the best possible results through his modern day surgical approach and techniques. Dr. Cruise receives great satisfaction knowing he can help women improve their quality of life through breast augmentation, breast lift,  breast reduction, breast revision and mommy makeover.



What Sets Dr. Cruise Apart

Dr. Cruise is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which is limited to cosmetic surgeons specializing in aesthetic surgery. In addition, Dr. Cruise has joined the Orange County Society of Plastic Surgeons, an esteemed local group dedicated to safety, excellence, and integrity in cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation.

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Advantages of Specialization

Achievable results
Aside from safety, the most important benefit of specialization is better results. This is true for almost anything. However, it is especially true for breast lifting. Breast lifting is often considered one of the most challenging cosmetic procedure in plastic surgery. Specializing in breast lifts has allowed Dr. Cruise to achieve the vast experience and advanced techniques necessary to achieve predictably good results.

Predictable results
Despite wanting to rejuvenate their breasts, many women do not move forward with a breast lift because they are afraid of a poor result. For many, they can not get that image of someone they know who ended up with poor results and/or the wide scars so many women associate with breast lifts. If they knew they could achieve predictably good results; natural, youthful breasts with amazing incisions – they would have it done. This is why has become so successful. It has developed a reputation as a “go to” place for breast lifts/augmentations where you have the confidence of knowing you are getting the best care available.

As mentioned above, safety is far and away the most important consideration. This is where specialization and a reputation is paramount. Dr. Cruise has a 100% safety record. Every step in the surgical journey is executed with patient safety in mind. The O.R. has the highest level of accreditation, we only utilize board certified anesthesiologists who specialize in ambulatory surgery and only registered nurses are used in recovery. Finally, each post op patient is given both a nurse’s and Dr. Cruise’s personal cell phone for safety and piece of mind.

State-of-the-art care
This is where Dr. Cruise has truly taken breast lifting to the highest level. While great and predictable results within the safest environment is the foundation on which was built, what will really impress you is how each step of the journey is managed and how knowledgeable and genuinely friendly the staff is.

Design Your Look Today!

Dr. Cruise has designed the "Look You Want" interactive diagram below to help his patients visually show what they want their breasts to look like after breast augmentation surgery.

Click the images below to select the look you want in each category and complete the submission process. You will be contacted by a member of Dr. Cruise's staff who will review your selections. You can also click TLIW in PDF format to print for your own use.

Before & After Photos

Dr. Cruise has an extensive gallery of Breast Augmentation before and after photos. You will see examples of his trademark "close cleavage,"as well as various results showing upper fullness vs. lower fullness and conservative vs. dramatic. Achieving "The Look You Want" is the ultimate goal and can be achieved with top breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Cruise.

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