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Mature Women


The mature woman can fit into a variety of categories ranging from needing a breast lift, breast reduction, breast revision, or mommy makeover, however there are some instances where a breast augmentation alone will provide the desired result.

Pregnancy, breast feeding, weight fluctuation, and aging can all be contributing factors of breast sag, deflation, and loss of shape and firmness. In addition, the tummy can be equally affected resulting in loss of muscle tone, excess skin and stretch marks. The degree of breast sag, amount of breast tissue, and desire result are all factors that are taken into consideration when determine which procedure is necessary.

Women who are naturally thin with small breasts may not be as significantly affected by body changes and may just notice mild deflation and skin laxity. In these instances, breast augmentation alone may be all that is needed to enhance the breasts.

Cost $7000+

Recovery 3-7 days

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This 40 year old patient had breast revision surgery with silicone augmentation. Implants were originally placed above the muscle they were switched to below pec major and pec minor muscles. Silicone 450HP. She wanted more upper breast fullness and perkier breasts.

Breast reduction with lift and augmentation was performed to give this 40 year old patient better shape with  lasting results. Although the  breasts may appear  larger after the surgery, her bra size is actually smaller. When the breast tissue and implants are placed in a higher position on the chest, the breasts may appear larger, but they are actually smaller and lighter.

This 45-year-old  had breast lift with augmentation using saline implants. 

I finally made the choice to have a breast lift and reduction after many years of struggling with my sagging breasts. Ever since I was 17, any piece of clothing that I bought had to be selected to fit my large breasts that did not sit in the right position on my body. I went on many consultations, but received conflicting opinions and did not feel comfortable with my experiences. After getting a referral from a good friend, I came to see Dr. Cruise and was immediately impressed with his office, staff and the way in which he conducted his consultations.  I felt so prepared going into surgery, no question was left unanswered! Being so informed alleviated all my fears going into surgery. I am thrilled with my results and am loving all the clothes I am able to wear with ease. Even though I had a breast lift, my incisions have healed up beautifully. Dr. Cruise made me feel like a rock star and I am definitely a little more sassy now since having the surgery! I wish I had not waited for so long!

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