Why Breast Sculpting vs Traditional Lift

  1. While traditional lifts improve breast appearance, the inability to sculpt the breast leaves a more maternal, heavy look.
  2. Traditional lifts leave the upper breast somewhat deflated and leaves the abdomen short and stocky compared to breast sculpting.
  3. With Traditional lifts with augmentation surgeons tend to use over-sized implants to provide a lift in order to minimize the  surgery needed. This often results in a heavy, saggy appearance when the desired goal is youthful and perky. Sculpting the breasts allows for a smaller implant to be used when needed to achieve the patient's desired result.
  4. Breast sculpting allows Dr. Cruise to shape the breast more accurately according to patients goals. Traditional techniques have limited ability to shape.
  5. Breast sculpting allows the patient more control of upper breast fullness, cleavage, and side rounding.
  6. With breast sculpting removing excess tissue allows for a more youthful lower breast shape without residual sag (unless specifically requested). Since this excess tissue is permanently removed sagging in the future is minimized.
  7. Perhaps most importantly, removing excess breast tissue significantly decreases the tension across the incision. Decreasing tension allows for optimal, thin scarring that fades with time.
  8. With traditional breast lifts, the best results tend to be with small breasted women. This is why good examples of before and after photos on the internet are rarely of large breasted women. This is particularly unfortunate considering that larger breasted women have a much greater need for breast lifting. Traditional breast lift techniques are very limited in getting similar youthful, perky results in moderate to larger breasted women as it does in those with small breasts. This is why it is routine to see breast lift results with persistent sag, low hanging breasts, and empty upper breasts; the very reasons women seek out breast rejuvenation in the first place. Breast sculpting allows Dr. Cruise to treat women with all types of breast shapes and sizes with great results.
  9. Dr. Cruise uses a rare complete muscle coverage technique when performing breast lift w/ augmentation. This technique allows the implant to be securely positioned by muscles (not breast tissue), the breast tissue can be shaped and the skin envelop tightened. The problem with traditional breast lift techniques is that it often does not allow for adequate breast tissue removal, due to the standard under the muscle placement surgeons use. If they were to aggressively shape the breast tissue, it would jeopardize the stability of the implant placement. With complete muscle coverage, the implant is does not require support from the breast tissue. This critical difference is what allows Dr. Cruise to shape the breast anyway necessary to achieve optimal results. Essentially, Dr. Cruise first converts breast lift patients to B cup breasts with a tight skin envelop (similar to the swim suit models). With these optimal characteristics in place, the appropriate implant is placed based on the look the patient wants – all in one procedure
  10. Breast sculpting provides a longer lasting result compared to traditional breast lifting.

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