YOUNG WOMEN - Breastlift

Young Women


One of the biggest misconceptions is that younger women do not need a breast lift, especially those who have not had children. While it is true many younger women are candidates for breast augmentation alone, there are a surprising number of those who actually require a breast lift to achieve their desired look.

Breasts do not always develop into a woman's idea of the perfect shape and size. Common complaints are lack of upper breast fullness, nipples pointed downward, poor cleavage, and breasts looking to maternal.

A breast implant alone will improve the overall shape and size of the breasts, however the implant size needed to obtain the best result may be larger than the patient feels comfortable with, therefore a lift may be necessary as a compromise.

Cost $7,000+

Recovery 3-5 days

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29-yr-old patient had an anchor breast lift with augmentation using silicone implants. Her main concerns were the lack of firmness in her breasts, and the positioning of her nipples and areolas. She had surgery to improve breast asymmetry, have more youthful looking breasts, be able to wear strapless clothing, and to have visible upper fullness.  

28 year old woman had breast lift surgery with augmentation to improve upper fullness and to have more youthful sexy looking breasts. 

25 year old women was unhappy with her oversized breasts which were causing her back pain. She had a breast reduction, with anchor breast lift and augmentation using saline implants. Her breasts are now in a better position on her chest and more comfortable and perky. 

This 25 year old patient was unhappy with her small breasts, lack of cleavage, and mild breast sag. Breast augmentation with silicone implants was able to be performed to correct all of the issues. No breast lift was necessary. 

I am so happy, they feel so real! I didn't have a lot of breast tissue to start with and that was a major concern. I was worried they wouldn't look or feel natural after surgery. I don't know what he does, but they feel so real! It's amazing.