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Reasons to Have Breast Lift Surgery


Breast lifts may not be discussed as frequently as breast augmentation, but they are a very popular cosmetic procedure. According to a report published in 2017 by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), more breast lifts were performed in the Western United States than any other region. While breasts lifts have tremendous aesthetic benefits, they can also have a great impact on a woman's emotional well-being. Take a look at some of the top reasons to have breast lift surgery. Some may be obvious, while others may catch you by surprise.

The top reasons outlined by breast lift expert, Dr. Joseph Cruise and his team at Cruise Plastic Surgery

Restore sagging breasts after pregnancy or weight loss  - After pregnancy , breastfeeding, or significant weight loss/fluctuation, some women find that their breasts never return to their original shape. A breast lift will restore the breasts, but may also make them look better than they did originally. It is recommended to wait to have a breast lift until you are done having children.

Desire a more youthful sexy breast shape - Some woman naturally have saggy breasts and simply want to lift them into a more youthful position, improve nipple position and areola size, as well as create more upper fullness. Dr. Cruise may recommend a breast lift w/ reduction and implant to achieve the best long-term results possible.

Get rid of skin irritation on the upper torso and/or underarms - When breasts have a significant amount of sag that is well below the breast crease, they can rub up against the skin on the upper torso and underarms. This can cause chafing and rashes, which is often times quite painful and difficult to manage. Women who have struggled with painful skin irritation for years, comment what a relief it is to be symptom free after breast lift surgery.

Reduce neck and/or back pain - When the breasts sag, an enormous amount of pressure can be placed on the back and neck. Most women do not have muscles strong enough to support their pendulous breasts. A breast lift will eliminate this this discomfort, and dramatically improve a woman's quality of life.

Eliminate uncomfortable bra strap indentions caused by heavy sagging breasts - Not only do sagging breasts put pressure on the neck and back, but they can also pull on a woman's bra, causing the straps to cut into her shoulders causing painful indentions.

Desire to comfortably participate in physical activities -For many women, flaccid saggy breasts can hinder daily life and activities such as housecleaning, working out, and swimming. A breast lift will allows women to comfortably participate in activities that have been uncomfortable or avoided for years.

Look better in clothing - Many women with saggy breasts feel insecure or avoid wearing certain types of clothing such as bathing suits, low cut tops and dresses. A breast lift will improve the position and shape of the breasts allowing women to confidently wear more revealing clothing.

Ability to look good going bra-less - Surprisingly, many women express to Dr. Cruise that they would like to feel comfortable going bra-less, but are unable to because it is uncomfortable and unattractive. A breast lift can provide freedom from wearing a bra 24-7.

When a breast lift is combined with breast augmentation, women can enjoy superior results - While breast lifts alone can improve the position of the breasts and nipples, they do not properly address lack of upper fullness or breast tissue that is at the mercy of gravity. With Dr. Cruise's breast sculpting technique, he removes breast tissue that has descended below the breast fold, and adds a breast implant using his full muscle coverage technique to give upper fullness, a youthful breast shape, and attractive cleavage. The results are far superior and much longer-lasting, because the implants and technique used contribute to keeping the breasts in the ideal position on the chest.

Whether you are unhappy with the look of your breasts or you have physical discomfort or limitations because of your drooping breasts, a breast lift may the solution. To find out if you are a candidate for a breast lift, contact Cruise Plastic Surgery (949) 446-1654 or visit  for more information.