What Can a Breast Lift Fix? | Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery in Los Angeles

What Can a Breast Lift Fix?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the breasts. It is often combined with other breast enhancing procedures such as an augmentation or reduction. However, a breast lift alone can correct several common issues that many women experience with their breasts.


With age, pregnancy, or an immense weight loss, your skin can lose elasticity. This can result in sagging and loss of volume in the breasts. To restore your youthful appearance, a breast lift can return volume to the top part of the breasts to make them rounder and perkier. A breast lift will not make your breasts larger, but it will reposition them to a more flattering place on your chest. With reduced sagging, physical activity also becomes more comfortable.


A breast lift procedure can reshape the breast tissue to a more symmetrical appearance. Although a breast reduction or augmentation might be required for more severe asymmetry, even a slight correction from a breast lift can greatly improve self-confidence.

Nipple Position

Women often look to a breast lift to correct nipple position. As breasts begin to lose elasticity and sag, nipples might face downward or appear too low on the breast. If the nipple or areola sits below the breast fold, you could benefit from a breast lift! A breast lift can restore the nipple position to be centered and forward-facing.


Many women make the mistake of thinking they can achieve more cleavage with a breast augmentation alone. The amount of cleavage you have does not necessarily relate to size, but how close together the breasts are. A breast lift can bring the breasts closer together for more cleavage and could help you become more comfortable wearing low cut shirts or even going bra-less!

A breast lift can improve many common issues when performed alone, or can optimize the results of another breast enhancement procedure. A consultation with Dr. Cruise can help you decide if a breast lift alone can give you the results you’re looking for. If you are in the Newport Beach, CA area, contact our office today to schedule your appointment!