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Breast Enhancement Video Testimonials

Breast Augmentation Patient Testimonial

"You have given me something nobody else could have. You gave it to me during a time I needed a boost in my confidence. And, I want you to know you and my breasts made wedding dress so incredibly fun! You are the absolute best at what you do."

Breast Augmentation

Mommy Makeover Patient Testimonial

"I am beyond amazed at how beautiful my results are and have referred him to many of my friends! He is a true artist and gave me back the body that I once had (even better!) after having four children. Thank you, Dr. Cruise!! You are THE best!!"

Sally, mother of four,
Mommy Makeover Patient

Breast Augmentation Patient Experience

"Dr. Cruise is amazing. His whole office has been incredible. They answered all the questions I had. They've been very helpful through the entire process. I'm really happy with what Dr. Cruise has done, his work and the way things turned out. It's better than I expected."

Melissa, 25
Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift w/ Augmentation & Tummy Tuck After Massive Weight Loss

"Dr. Cruise has been with me since the first day I walked in to his office... He is like a friend to me....The surgery has changed my life in a way that now my body matches what my inner mind felt it should be. And that is inevitable to have. I feel beautiful on the inside and the outside now."

Tammara, 38
Breast Lift Augmentation and Tummy Tuck