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The most exciting aspect of our breast rejuvenation is the sexy youthfulness that it inspires. Transforming breasts from deflated and saggy into youthful and perky is more than physical. In fact, it is the psychological and emotional benefits that have the most profound positive affects; affects that most patients didn’t even associate with rejuvenating their breasts. Having beautiful breasts instills a sense of confidence and youthfulness that translates into almost all aspects of a woman’s life. This includes her relationship with your husband, children, and friends – to the energy she radiates at home, at the office, or at a party.  This applies to all women but it is especially rewarding for mothers who have given so much of themselves (and their bodies) for their children.

Breast Lift

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Even the most confident women feel a sense of loss when it occurs. It creates a disconnect. Their breasts look older than they feel. Supportive bras and less revealing clothing help but that sense of maternal aging is never leaves. They would have a breast lift in a second but most women have this image of poorly done breast lift with wide scars that keep circulating in their memory. They look online and see results that look better but certainly do not look like the perky, youthful breasts they want.

The entire concept of Mommy Beautiful’s focus on breast lifting was developed because of this tremendous need. Of all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, breast lifting with or without implants is considered one of the most challenging. Furthermore, the limitations of traditional surgical techniques make optimal rejuvenation less likely and essentially impossible for larger breasts. This is why you will not see many large breasted or difficult breast lift Before and After photos online. This is not the surgeon’s fault as they may be excellent. It is the limitations of the traditional breast lift techniques.

Another name for the traditional breast lift is “dual plane.”

It is these limitations that influence many plastic surgeons into trying to achieve a breast lift with an implant alone. To accomplish this it is necessary is to lower the breast fold then put in a bigger implant than planned. To the patient, this seems like a great idea as it avoids the breast incisions that they fear. Surgeons like this as well because it is much quicker and easier procedure. The problem, however, is that lowering the fold shortens the abdomen and does not fill the emptiness of the upper breast – which is a common reason women seek breast rejuvenation in the first place! Furthermore, with time the low hanging breast tissue/implant will continue to sag. Whereas, breast sculpting removes the sagging breast tissue and secures the implant in place. This means it is very likely you will never sag again.


Show Front and Lateral view (we can decide later if we use both) of low hanging, maternal traditional breast lift on left and youthful, perky, natural Breast Sculpting lift on right

In summary, breast sculpting creates a better, more youthful look that will continue to look good for decades if not a lifetime. (The implants may need to be replaced).

Treating sag by putting in a bigger implant lower on the chest does not create youthful, perky breasts.

Other common problems seen with the traditional technique include poor shape, significant asymmetry, poor scarring, and often breasts that are simply too large and saggy. Unwilling to accept these complications, Dr. Cruise has dedicated the majority of his career developing surgical techniques and a dedicated facility that minimize or eliminate them. This specialization has led to two significant advancements 1) Breast sculpting – necessary to achieve optimal breast shape and 2) Complete muscle coverage – necessary to achieve secure implant positioning. This is explained in greater detail in Breast sculpting – Why it works.

Advantages of Breast Sculpting compared to traditional breast lift:

  • Enhanced ability for patients to choose their desired breast shape.
  • Improved scarring. Breast sculpting reduces incision tension which is the main cause of poor scarring.
  • Improved breast shape – more youthful and perky.
  • Improved upper breast fullness as implant is properly positioned on chest. Shape can be sloped or defined and anywhere in between.
  • Improved cleavage as outer muscles hold implant closer to mid-line.
  • Chances of implant sliding into arm pit or bottoming out greatly reduced secondary to muscle support.
  • Future breast sag much less likely as potential sag tissue is removed as part of sculpting process.
  • Implant rippling significantly reduced or eliminated.
  • Less likely to feel implant through skin.
  • Enhanced muscle coverage often allows saline implants to be an equal or better option than silicone implants.
  • Likely decreased chance of capsular contracture (cc). Partial muscle coverage decreases cc. Full muscle coverage appears to decrease it even more. Research in progress.

The purpose of a breast lift with or without implants are beautiful, natural, youthful breasts with minimal scarring. Achieving this does not happen by chance. As with any activity, specialization improves results. It has allowed Mommy Beautiful to optimize every aspect of the surgical process. This includes the advanced surgical techniques that address the core problems associated with the traditional breast lift techniques. Optimal results require more than world class surgery. It requires optimal treatment at each step. In order to achieve this, Mommy Beautiful and its medical director, Joseph T. Cruise, M.D., had to create a facility dedicated to breast lifting. A facility that is considered a “go to” facility for breast lifting and breast augmentation. Going through this web site, experiencing the detail of our pre-consultation evaluation, and then seeing it applied at our state-of-the-art consultation will convince you that our reputation is deserved.

The Look I Want is amazing. First of all, it shows you what your options are. Then it allows you to choose what your preference is for virtually every aspect of your breast before you come in for consultation. Its value can not be overstated. It allows the patient to develop a clear picture of what her goals are. More importantly, it allows Dr. Cruise to clearly understand these goals. Applying your choices to our 3D imaging shows you your likely outcome. The technology, organization, and experience will help you well beyond what you thought possible. This, combined with Dr. Cruise’s extensive breast lift experience will put your mind at ease that your goals are clearly understood and that you are in the best of hands.

Finally, My Medical Guide (MMG) will allow you to see exactly what is going on at all times. MMG is our proprietary dedicated breast lift soft ware that actually allows you to preview previous patients similar to you that have already gone through the surgery and recovery. It is comforting to be able to see what you can expect. More importantly, it outlines exactly what needs to be done so that nothing is over-looked. MMG contains videos to show you proper massage, scar, and bra management techniques. The entire process is a decade in the making and has been developed to provide the best results possible.  Results that make you feel more beautiful and confident than ever.

Actual patient, Sally, mother of four with her boys after breast lift with augmentation and tummy tuck.




VIDEO 1: Breast Lift Specialist Dr. Cruise

Is breast rejuvenation right for me?

Only you can answer this question. Hopefully, you will find comfort in knowing that breast sag and/or deflation occurs to virtually all women. It is part of the normal aging process, therefore, there should never be feelings of shame or embarrassment. Many women are able to manage simply with the proper bra. This is often a great option. Listening carefully to our patients experiences, several stores  have proven themselves to be the most helpful in finding that “perfect fit”. This wealth of real world feedback is invaluable and we are more than happy to share this with you.

Breast aging, however, is different than facial or body aging. Breasts are unique in that they represent more than just a body part. Hardwired into our brains, they also represent youth, sexuality and femininity. This makes “bra management” an unacceptable option to many women. Not because they are vain, but because their breast appearance does not align with how they feel. No matter how creative a bra may be, it doesn’t fix the problem at its root. A properly performed breast lift revitalizes the spirit far beyond what a bra could do. It restores breasts back to where they used to be or perhaps better even – bra optional.

The positive affects of youthful, beautiful breasts are clear. Mommy Beautiful makes it a reality.

  • Improved body proportion. Breasts are fuller and perkier, waist appears slimmer, abdomen appears longer and sexier and buttock appears curvier.
  • Improved cleavage and upper breast fullness. Low cut dresses become flattering. Going bra-less becomes a reality.
  • Enlarged, downward facing nipples now are smaller and face forward.
  • Clothes shopping becomes fun. Old blouses that were previously unwearable look better than ever.
  • Reduction in the risk of breast cancer for most women.


VIDEO 2: Physical Benefits of Breast Lift

Psychological benefits of Breast-Lift

  • Improved self confidence. Feeling sexier and confident radiates a positive energy which affects every aspect of one’s life. From relationships with husbands, children, and friends, to how you present yourself at work and in public.
  • Improved mood. Deflated, saggy breasts has a tremendous impact on a woman’s psyche. In a way, it deflates ones mood as well. Regaining perky, youthful breasts routinely restores ones mood and outlook beyond what can be explained by physical changes.
  • Enhanced self-image. Breasts are often considered the focus of female sensuality. Simply put, youthful, sexy breasts makes you feel sexy with all the positive feelings and feel-good neurotransmitters that go with it.


VIDEO 3: Psychological Benefits of Breast Lift