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Dedicated to breast rejuvenation and enhancement

The most exciting aspect of breast rejuvenation is its ability to create a sexy youthfulness more so than any other procedure. This applies to all women but it is especially rewarding for mothers who have given so much of themselves (and their bodies) for their children. Having youthful beautiful breasts not only enhances a woman’s self confidence but it also elevates her mood often far beyond that of any medication. It is striking how deflated, saggy breasts have a similar affect on one’s mood and psyche. Even more striking are the dramatic psychological and emotional benefits achieved when you transform your breasts into a part of you that you are truly proud of. Youthful sexy breasts that make you feel young again. Breasts that inspire you  to socialize, to wear low cut dresses, to be who you used to be.

BreastLift is a dedicated department within Mommy Beautiful. It is filled with testimonials and examples of the very real positive affects of breast rejuvenation.

These life changing enhancements are so powerful, it became clear there needed to be a dedicated breast lift facility.

By nature, mothers are givers and think of their own needs last if they think of them at all. What The ele mood and psyche of changing breasts from saggy and maternal to sexy and youthfulbreasts into sexy youthful  It is filled with testimonials and examples of exilerates henot only enhances a woman’s self confidence but also her perspective on virabout herself both physically and psychologically. Its uplifting  unlike any medication could It also has a tremendous positive impact on relationships and day to day


Change to more upbeat, positive experience. Confidence of going to the “go to” place. What does a beautiful breast do for clothing, socializing, spouse/boyfriend, confidence

Deflated, matronly breasts make you feel older and less confident than you are. Creates a sense of loss both physically and pychologically-you are not ready to look older and frumpier than you feel. So much more to life and investing in yourself is the absolute best investment. It improves all aspects of life- wife, mother, socializer. It is not changing you it is actually preventing change. Matronly breasts are not who you are – you are sexy and confident – breast lifting with aug simply restores this.

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Loss of breast volume with sag is unavoidable with pregnancy, age, and/or genetics. Sadly, women who consult regarding breast lift somehow feel they are abnormal. They are almost ashamed that their breasts have not remained perky despite pregnancy, weight loss, age, or simply having large breasts. The reality is; this is the norm. No one escapes breast sag and/or deflation over time. This includes women who have never even been pregnant or over-weight. There is no doubt, however, that pregnancy does speed up the process giving credence to the phrase “my children sucked the life out of my breasts.”

Unfortunately, breast appearance has a tremendous impact not only on how we look but, also how we feel and carry ourselves. The vast majority of women notice these unwanted changes in their breasts far sooner than their mind is ready to accept. Even the most confident women feel a sense of loss when it occurs. It creates a disconnect. They are not ready to have breasts that look older than they feel.

The question becomes “what should I do about it?” The two options are to camouflage as much as possible with progressively more supportive bras or breast lift surgery. The problem for most women is they can’t get that vision of poorly done breast lifts with those deep scars out of their heads. Almost everyone knows of someone who has had a breast lift or, even more dramatic, a breast reduction. While there are many good results there is an unacceptably high rate of not so good results. Common problems include poor shape, significant asymmetry, poor scarring, and often breasts that are simply too large and saggy. This is why breast lifting particularly with augmentation is often considered the most challenging procedure in cosmetic plastic surgery.

What most women want are natural, youthful breasts with minimal scarring. If they knew they could reasonably expect this, most would have it done immediately and return to their pre-pregnancy look (or even better). This is why Breast Lift and its founder, Dr. Cruise have dedicated themselves to breast lifting. Many plastic surgeons specialize in breast augmentation because, quite frankly, it is a much shorter and less complex procedure; few actually specialize in breast lifting. This is part of the reason why breast lifting has less satisfaction than breast augmentation alone.

This specialization has led to two significant advancements 1) Breast sculpting – to achieve the ideal breast volume to achieve the look you choose and 2) Complete muscle coverage – muscle coverage that allows for predictable implant placement. This is explained in greater detail in Breast sculpting – Why it works.

Above all, breast lift specialization has led to greater predictability and patient satisfaction.

For this reason, Breast Lift has been designed from the ground up to make each mother feel more beautiful after pregnancy than she did before; so that she can have her beautiful children as well as her beautiful body.

Breast Lift

Actual patient, Sally, mother of four with her boys after breast lift with augmentation and tummy tuck.


By specializing in breast lifts, Breast Lift, has developed state of the art surgical techniques, knowledgeable staff and advanced patient care that elevate the entire breast lift experience to a higher level. The entire process is comfortable and professional all within a beautiful, relaxing environment. Please enjoy reading the information. The detail and extensive images/video clips are included to educate and highlight the choices you have regarding how your breasts look. Deciding to have a breast lift is a big decision. The more information you have the more likely you are to achieve your desired look.


VIDEO 1: Breast Lift Specialist Dr. Cruise

Aesthetic and health benefits of breast lift/augmentation

Saggy or deflated breasts occur for many reasons; pregnancy, genetics, aging, weight loss, etc. Regardless the reason, it often causes both physical and psychological concerns that go beyond just having saggy or small breasts. Sadly, most of our patients feel like their breasts are the exception. However, saggy breasts may consciously or unconsciously have a significant psychological affect; making you feel older and less attractive. From the emptiness of the upper chest to the looseness of the lower breasts, breast sag may make you feel maternal rather than sexy. Without realizing it, the desire to dress sexy fades. Sexuality often fades as well. Just buying clothes becomes difficult and no longer enjoyable. Going bra-less is completely out of the question. Physical benefits of Breast-Lift

  • Improved body proportion. Breasts are fuller and perkier, waist appears slimmer, abdomen appears longer and sexier and buttock appears curvier.
  • Improved cleavage and upper breast fullness. Low cut dresses become flattering. Going bra-less becomes a reality.
  • Enlarged, downward facing nipples now are smaller and face forward.
  • Clothes shopping becomes fun. Old blouses that were previously unwearable look better than ever.
  • Reduction in the risk of breast cancer for most women.


VIDEO 2: Physical Benefits of Breast Lift

Psychological benefits of Breast-Lift

  • Improved self confidence. Feeling sexier and confident gives you positive energy which people notice. You move with more poise.
  • Improved mood. Deflated, saggy breasts has a tremendous impact on a woman’s psyche. In a way, it deflates ones mood as well. Regaining perky, youthful breasts routinely restores ones mood and outlook and often takes to higher levels than ever.
  • Increased sexuality. Looking sexy makes you feel sexy.


VIDEO 3: Psychological Benefits of Breast Lift